Note to producers & suppliers: We are always looking for new products and if you feel you have something that will fit in well with what we already offer, we would love to know about it, But please note, you need to contact us to arrange an appointment so we can give you and your product the attention deserved - cold calling is not encouraged and you may be asked to come back at another time.  Also be prepared to bring samples as unless we have tried the product, it is unlikely to make it onto our shelves.  


29-12-07 - Nothing new in the food lines but we just thought we'd grab the opportunity to thank all of our fabulous customers for all of your much appreciated support over the past year.   We trust you all had a festive and enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to a great '08. We will be closed from the 1st of Jan and re-opening on the 14th - we look forward to seeing you then. 

6-12-07 - We've just had a Healesville invasion and we have surrendered unequivocally!!  First landed was the Handmade In Healesville products - as the name suggests, it's all handmade in Healesville by a couple of young "rockstar' chefs - fabulous product with sensational presentation. Their weapons of mass degustation include poached quinces, poached pears in saffron & vanilla, a sensational harissa paste and harissa oil, cherry chutney and cherry vinegar - and the best suet based Chrissy puds we've tasted (except for Lisa's mothers puds of course!).

And hot on the heels of the Handmade in Healesville product is Jam Lady Jams. Lisa O'Connor has been making her sensational jams for many years and uses only seasonal fruits and organic sugar. Not only are they great breakfast condiments, they are great to cook with. We have started with Mango & Saffron, Blackberry Shiraz, Raspberry Grappa, Pear vanilla & Ginger and Strawberry Aniseed and straight off the stove Peach Passionfruit Jam. We have also included Jam Lady Jams Roasted Tomato Relish and Sherry & Onion Relish.

7-12-07 Just in time for the Christmas Rush we have just received our first delivery of treats from Sydney based Pariya Food. These clever cookies make fabulous Persian fairy Floss (Pashmak), Turkish Delights (Rahaat) and Nougats amongst other middle eastern items. To give you an idea of how good their stuff is, when it arrived we had customers grabbing it out the boxes before we had even unpacked it. I think I better order some more!!!

29-11-07 - We just had a visit from Lyndall Vandenberg (the quiet achiever chef behind Stefano de Pieri's Preserves) and we managed to wrestle 12 jars of her Pickled Cherries in Sangiovese out of her grasp - these will be the only ones we will get this year so move fast! But we have plenty of other delights from their range: Pasta Sauces (with & without chilli), Caramelised Onion Jam, Eggplant Pickle, Lime & Blood Orange Marmalade, Peach & Vanilla Bean Jam and others.

Truffle Hounds should be happy - as well as the fresh truffles, we now have exceptional quality Italian Black and White truffle infused Olive Oils. We also have Tetsuya's Truffle salsa (try it with a bit of extra butter on bruscetta!) and Black Truffle Salt (use it any way you want!). For those unfamiliar with Tetsuya Wakuda, he is star quality in the foodie universe - check out his Sydney restaurant's website

Just put in an order for Jomei's Fine Foods' Balsamic reduction - stylishly packaged but even better contents - can't wait for it to arrive. Use as a deglaze for venison, duck or beef or use in desserts - or be like me, just stick your finger in it - taste and swoon.

Bettina Berry from Burrowes Park (we have had her mayo since the start) has just brought in her new offering - a superb Aioli. Once again, hand made using the best ingredients including Green Eggs

*   *   *   *

28-11-07 - HOME BAKERS CELEBRATE!! - We have just added Felchlin Grand Cru Couvertures to our cooking chocolate armoury. Our selection includes Maracaibo Madagascar (64%),  Maracaibo Creole (49%) and Maracaibo Criolait (38%) - all in 500g bars. For those avid readers of Tuesday Epicure you may remember a recent article expounding the virtues of  this chocolate. Also from this Swiss chocolatier/patissier we now also have a small supply of his sweet pastry cases - apparently "two bite" size (I can do it in one but not with style!)- these shells are perfect for passionfruit meringue pies (cheats are welcome to use our Blue M Passion Butter), rhubarb tartlets or whatever fancy pants thang you want to do that nestles into a sweet pastry morsel. These suckers are pretty delicate so you may need to ask for them as they are not on display.

Mustard - we were very disappointed when we couldn't get the Vilux Hot English Mustard any more but now have the Clovis version - and it's even better. For Mustardphiles we also have Pommery Mustards (in those lovely ceramic pots) - including Coarse Grain, Fireman's, Honey and Cognac. But for those that like something that is a little more local, we also have Yarra Valley Preserves sensational Mad Dog and Green Peppercorn in very cute little jars.

On the subject of Yarra Valley Preserves we have quite a number of products from this boutique provedore. Highlights are theToffeed Balsamic & Vanilla Syrup (featured in The Age Epicure) and their Quince Paste but other YVP heroes we stock include Raspberry Vinegar (nice & sweet - ideal for desserts but also sensational with vodka & soda for a refreshing slurp), Mint & Crab Apple jellies, Fruit Pyramids, Amber Walnuts as well as their homemade flatbreads & crackers.

We mentioned Vilux earlier - We also have some of their vinegars - Raspberry Vinegar (this is a nice tart one perfect for deglazing & dressings), Tarragon Vinegar (perfect for Béarnaise Sauce) & a really nice White Wine vinegar.

*   *   *   *

25-11-07 - Sorry everyone, it's been a while since the last entry but we have got a heap of new things in - specially in the Christmas range.

Hand made and local are the Kings Christmas Puddings - available in in 1kg, 500g and individual 250g's - we had these last year and they went down very well.

Also fresh off the boat are some excellent Italian Loison Panettones including the classic fruit mix, coffee, chocolate and chestnut - I mentioned to a customer that the leftovers would be sensational for bread and butter pud. Her response (and  rightly so) was that if it's a good panettone, there would be no leftovers - maybe get two!

On the pudding front, we also have the Pudding on the Ritz Christmas Range including their year round favourite biscuits in Christmas livery plus their sensational Fig & Walnut Liqueur Muscat and Chocolate Grand Marnier dessert puddings. We also added their cheese biscuits - excellent for a savoury nibble.

Michel's Fine Biscuit Co.'s Mince Pies and hazelnut Shortbread Stars are also back on board for Christmas - ideal for gifts or sneaky private indulgence sessions. We have also added her new Belgian Chocolate biscuits with peppermint infused white Belgian chocolate fillings to our range - they are superb.

And for those that need gluten free, we have Susan's Gluten free Christmas Cakes so you don't need to miss out whilst everyone else is indulging. 

Saffron - We have just upgraded and now have the Novin Saffron - sold in convenient 3 gram batches. Fat fragrant strands that will really make an impact to your paella.

Fresh Tibetan Truffles - we held back on selling truffles for some time as we felt that most truffles on the market were overpriced and as such, not very good value. These little babies are fragrant, fresh and very reasonably priced. Most are well under $50 for a whole truffle and are stored in Vialone Nano rice to help preserve their freshness - don't throw this rice away - use it in your next risotto!.

Elig's Terrines - we love these as they taste like they should. We have 3 styles at the moment - Duck, Date & Pistachio; Chicken, Apricot Sultana & Cashew and the classic Pork & Veal.

Fruit Soda Cordials are back for Summer. Made from nothing but real fruit and sugar, these are sensational with water or soda but if you are like us - with alcohol. The Just Mango makes an excellent daiquiri with white rum, the Blood Orange & Cardamom is superb with gin and the Grapefruit & Wild Hibiscus with vodka is the stand out. We are eagerly awaiting  their next offering - Pink Lady Apple Strawberry & Black Pepper - bring it on!

Kailis Organic Olive Oils have just been recognised internationally as a superb product and we are happy to now include their Blood Orange and Organic lime infused oils in our select range of olive oils. These lovelies are based on a Leccino and Frantoio blend and are ideal for dressing, garnishing and straight up dipping.

Coming in the next few days is some of Jam Lady Jams.  Handmade in Healesville using organic fruits and sugars, you can taste the love that goes into them. Our first batch will include Strawberry & Aniseed; Pear Vanilla Ginger; Raspberry Grappa; Blackberry Shiraz and Mango Saffron. We will also have her sensational Oven Roasted Tomato Relish and Sherry & Onion Jam and the fabulous spiced figs (excellent with cheese!)

 Also from the same kitchen comes Handmade in Healesville products  including: Vanilla & Saffron Poached pears, Poached Quinces, pickled Cherries, Cherry Vinegar and an excellent Harissa. The packaging is as good as the product inside so they will make excellent gifts for your foodie friends.

For those who love whipping up a quick Indian meal at home, we now stock the Rangoon Racquet Club range of sauces which are well complimented by the Spice and all things nice Breyani Rices and Poppadoms. Get your Bollywood movie from Joe at Blockbuster next door and make a night of it!

I'm  on a roll now so might as well mention some other products that have been with us from day one...

Jock Ice Creams & Sorbets!!! What great confections - we often recognise his product when eating the "homemade" ice cream at some of Melbourne's best restaurants. Hokey Pokey (with Jocks mum's homemade honeycomb) is by far the most popular but try the Liquorice, Turkish Delight and Blood Orange Sorbet (when we can get it!). But we have many other flavours - and they are all sensational. And yes, we will have his Ice Cream Plum Pudding in for Christmas.

Larder Fresh Falafels and Nougats. Monique and Glenn are the masters of these products - the falafel are available either frozen and ready to fry or in the precooked variety - both are sensational. And the nougat lives in our fridge as it has no "setting agents" - leave it our for ten minutes and you have a beautiful gooey treat that will satisfy both you and your dentist!

Like a a nice loose leaf tea! So do we - especially if it is from Tea Party! Sensational herbal & traditional green and black tea blends all beautifully packaged, either enjoy yourself or give to your tea loving friends.

Burrowes Park homemade mayonnaise. Find this real mayo in our fridge, made from Green Eggs and plenty of mustard, it has great flavour and consistency. And Bettina has just started doing an Aioli version - it is sensational but you'll have to be quick to get some.

Speaking of Green Eggs we sell these by the dozen. The eggs aren't actually green but Shelley & Alan who husband them surname is Green. More than this, their methods are also very green - the chickens roam free all day under protection of specially bred dogs, are fed only the best quality grains and they have won numerous awards for their farming practices. We get these delivered every Tuesday - 48 hrs after they are laid! Once you've had a Green Egg, you will never go back.

Careme Pastry - This stuff is unbelievable - you can actually see the butter marbling in the pastry. We stock the butter puff, sweet vanilla shortcrust, sour cream flaky and their latest creation - dark chocolate shortcrust pastry.

Spice Bazaar is a great favourite of ours - they offer a huge range of spice mixes for almost every style of cuisine. All spices are hand blended, and thy don't use any salts or fillers to bulk it out - just great! We love it when our order arrives - open the box and the aromas just flood the shop.

*   *   *   *

23-10-07 - Just in today is some sensational Italian Balsamic & Strawberry jam - first taste is sharp & tangy - a great product. We have also just received some organic oversized pastas - Pennone, Lumacone & Conchiglione - these are perfect for stuffing & baking - shall work up a recipe for you to try.

*   *   *   *

19-10-07 - Very exciting day today - we just recieved our first shipment of Istra Smallgoods.  Istra is based in Musk and has long had a reputation for producing some of Victoria's best cured meat products. Our first shipment includes Proscuitto, Pancetta, Smoked Bacon, Mild Sausages & Chorizos.

We also took delivery of some sensational Holy Goat Cheeses including Baby La Luna's, Black Silk, Fromage Frais and the unusual Skyla which is ideal for grilling (mmmmm...yum!)

And lastly, we just recieved some beautiful Italian Balsamic Creams - Regular (hardly!) and White Truffle infused. And we got a new Truffle Oil to boot!!

*   *   *   *

15-10-07 - Oh my God - Mellerie Honeys have arrived!! Made in the traditional French style (creamy!), this cold filtered Tasmanian Honey comes in two varieties:Leatherwood & Lake Pedder's - we can't decide which is best - maybe you can!

*   *   *   *

14-10-07 - We have just added two more products to our Bitton range. David Bitton is a well known chef from Sydney and with his foodie wife has created a fab range of products. We already had his Bitton Dressing, Asian Dressing, Morrocan Spice, Garlic Marsala, Orange Jelly & unusual Monkeynut Chutney. We now also have their Strawberry & Vanilla Jam and extraordinary Black Tappenade

*   *   *   *

13-10-07 - Celebrate! - Gordon Jones's Asparagus is finally back on our shelves. You might walk past this Sweet Tips Asparagus but one try of this crispy lightly pickled country produce will make you realise how preserved asparagus really should be.

*   *   *   *

10-10-07 - Alligator Pasta has just released their frozen range of raviolis. We've selected five of the available varieties. If you want to know what they are, you'll just have to come in.

*   *   *   *

8-10-07 - After waiting patiently, we have just recieved Chapman Hill's new vintage of Olive Oils. Last years vintage was sensational - this years is quite different but we think it is even better. So those Leccino, New Norscia & Fantoio fans should come in for a taste. (25-11-07 - Chapman Hill just had a write up in Tuesday Epicure!)